How to Keep Rats Entertained in a Cage

How to Keep Rats Entertained in a Cage

Now that you’re a happy pet rat owner, it’s time to think about how to keep rats entertained in a cage, rat cage toys options, and some bedding options to keep them comfy. You also need to understand what rat toys and bedding options are the best for your rat setup, your specific rats depending on size, age, and number, and more. In this guide, we’re going to share some of the pet rats’ bedding tips and options for social enrichment for rats to keep your rats entertained in their cage.

Before you go and buy shredded paper bedding for rats or buy pet rat toys for your new little friend, you should know what to consider and how to choose the best options. Your pet rat’s cage must be safe and comfortable before you even think about entertaining your pet rats in their cage.

Pet rat bedding options

When you’re looking to buy pet rat bedding, there is a lot of information out there. You can get bedding for them to nest with, such as shredded paper or other small animal substrate options. With pet rat bedding to purchase, you want to avoid anything that could be dangerous if ingested. Some people make their own pet rat bedding to add shredded paper bedding for rats to their purchased bedding to save some cash.

The cheapest rat bedding isn’t always the best

When you buy the cheapest rat bedding options, some rules are to make sure that you avoid fragranced items, try to choose non-colored options for fewer chemicals present, and check to ensure the bedding is actually made for pet rats.

Before you buy pet rat bedding, you should also check any reviews on the product or run a quick search of the specific item to see what other rat or small animal owners have had to say about it.

Reviews can be beneficial and help give you a better idea of what might work or should be more strayed from. When you buy pet rat bedding like this, you should spread it on the bottom of their enclosure, and you can put it into bins or boxes for your pet rats to be able to use for nesting behaviors.

Pet Rat inside his cloth bed.

You can also get actual cloth beds that can sit in or hang inside the enclosure your pet rat is living in for good sleeping space or a nest option. Be sure that whatever you choose when you buy pet rat bedding is made for or safe for rats when you can, and try to think of size when getting cloth beds. You don’t need a giant bed for only one rat, be sure to size it better for the number of rats you have.

Most rat beds will specify what number of rats it can hold, or at least measurements so you can visualize the real size and decide. Beds for pet rats are the most fun to get for most owners because there are all different styles with different colors and designs, which can add some good visual appeal to your cage set up and fit your home décor if you would like them to.

Now that we’ve shared some tips to buy pet rats bedding, it’s time to move onto entertaining your rats in cage. Below you’ll find some tips and ideas to buy pet rats toys today.

Pet rats toys

Toys for pet rats are crucial for giving your rat the most enjoyable and healthy lifespan. They improve mental stimulation and help give your rat exercise or chewing that is needed. Chances are you’ll have to or want to buy pet rat toys very often across the time you are a rat owner, as they can go through toys a lot or get bored of their toy selection and use them less.

It’s also easy to buy pet rat toys once you get started and know what to consider because there are many out there. The type and material of pet rat toys to consider vary widely, and you will probably find just about anything out there for options.

Toys should always be present for pet rats, so try to buy pet rat toys at least sometimes for your little buddy. Playing with them with their toys can also be great bonding opportunities or helpful in training activities.

As far as what to avoid or think about before and when you buy pet rat toys, the material can be a big thing.

  • Generally, you should avoid fragrance and chemicals in toys and colored paper or cardboard as much as you can.
  • Rubber is considered dangerous for small animals, so don’t get toys that involve rubber parts.
  • Plastic is a great option if it’s thicker or durable since plastic toys take a little longer to break or shred up.
  • Try not to get tiny items when you buy pet rat toys, as you want to avoid choking hazards where possible.

Rats love to shred apart and chew on many things when playing or roaming their cage, so make sure the toys you choose are made for rats and not just hamsters or rabbits or other animals that aren’t similarly behaved.

Now that you know what information to keep in mind, you’re ready to look at and buy pet rat bedding or toys for your pet rat. It’s imperative to have toys and bedding for pets like rats because they need the mental stimulation of playing and a place to exhibit nesting behaviors or snuggle with their friends. You also give your pet rat a much better life when giving them proper access to good choices for toys or beds.

Feel free to buy pet rat bedding and toys little by little for your pet if you don’t have much money or are on a budget. These options and the information on choosing the best pet rat bedding and toys will ultimately help you make the best purchases when you’re ready.

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